JoannKeane Photography on Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Silk, Slate & Stone ♡ Artists in North Carolina

​​Cyanotype Printing - process developed in the 1850s. Printed on Silk, and on Hemp/Muslin

New boxes: Now hinged and velvet lined.

Ceramic art printed onto tile & inset in bamboo frames

Hello 2021, and welcome back to my online shop. 

This past year certainly tested us all:  Sequestered with stay at home becoming the 'new normal.'

For me, it was a time to pivot away from teaching high school visual arts, and focusing on creating new work, all the while navigating the virtual small business world.

I've totally embraced the change, and love having time back in my studio.

So, what's latest here at Keane Studio?

  • One of my favorite processes: Cyanotype. A print process dating back to the 1850s. This time, dialing down with substrates, and experimenting with an array of fabrics, from Silk, to Hemp/Muslin, to Bamboo: Bolts of fun.

  • Contemporary Printmaking on metal (USA metal) on ceramic tile (USA tile)

  • Dabbling deeper into Encaustic printmaking

  • Soon, I will roll out my blog, focusing on Cyanotypes and alternative process imagery.

  • Lastly, I've gone down the Pinterest rabbit hole, embroiled into cooking - much to the tasty satisfaction of my family. 

p.s. I was invited (juried) to participate in a four-state Virtual Christmas Craft Show - that started in October, through the Christmas season. It was great, but sure missed chatting with those who have shopped my brand for years, and making new friends along the way.

Here's to embracing new business models.


Joann Keane Photography on Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Silk, Slate & Stone ♡ Artists in North Carolina