Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
My botanical imagery collection opens a lens into the beauty encompassed within these gardens, as nature's beauty exposes your senses to a keen landscape awash in picturesque moments. My flower & butterfly imagery - all photographed in Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden - can be purchased in their Garden Store.

Metal Images

Game changer for one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted 21st century printmaking: USA made metal with my artwork. Metal with different finishes to establish a tone, evoke a mood. The Ancient door in Villa Comunale in Taormina, Sicily, has a flat matt finish; while the charming village of Monte Sant'Angelo is on a clear metal.

 Madonna of Saint George Chapel (Padua, Italy) on Hemp/Muslin | Cyanotype

Cyanotype on Silk and Hemp Muslin

I've been a Cyanotype devotee for many years. During the Pandemic lock-down, I returned to the delight of hand-coating,  hand-printing and relaxing as sunshine processes one-of-a-kind works of art. This time, beyond watercolor paper, beautiful fabrics are my muse. Maybe the blue reflects - in some small way - how we are all dealing/feeling/reeling from Covid-19.

Cyanotype is a printing process dating back to the 1850s. I hand-coated Silk AND Hemp Muslin fabrics with photosensitive chemicals; Converted my photograph to a digital negative, sandwich the fabric and negative, and expose with sunlight. While the negative may be used again, each print will differ slightly: The time of day, the time of year, can alter the exposure. I do love the unique character that develops!

In addition to traditional Cyanotype chemicals, I discovered beautiful photosensitive dye! (Many colors, but I do fancy the lovely violet.)

JoannKeane Photography on Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Silk, Slate & Stone ♡ Artists in North Carolina

  • Glass Charcuterie Boards
  • ​Ceramic tile printed and inlaid in wooden boxes
  • ​Ceramic tile snuggled in bamboo trivet/frame
  • Slate! Printing on Slate! 

​Images are hand printed with a unique process using dye, not ink. As a result, each image is a one-of-a-kind photo-artistic keepsake. 

Available at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

8500 South New Hope Road. Belmont, NC 28012